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Sought after $10 Liberty Head Eagles

The 1879 Liberty Head $10 Gold Eagle is a challenging coin for collectors to track down, particularly in grades above MS62. These classic, beautiful old U.S. gold coins were designed by United States Mint Chief Engraver Christian Gobrecht, who oversaw the production of several new coin designs during his tenure, including Seated Liberty coinage. Seated Liberty coins, struck from the late 1830's through early 1890's, are now considered a classic favorite with many numismatists.

1879 $10 LibSeveral different $10 gold coin issues were made in 1879 when accounting for the various date and mintmark combinations. For versions of the coin that are particularly rare or difficult to come across, the market price may exceed multiple thousands of dollars.

The original mintage figures are substantially higher than the number of existing specimens today, especially in the situation of the 1879 Carson City Mint coin. The 1879 Carson City $10 Eagles were the lowest mintage of any gold coin struck in Carson City. From the 1,762 pieces minted that year, it is estimated that less than 50 have survived until today. Only a single MS62 has been graded by NGC as mint state.

As another example, the San Francisco Mint struck 224,000 that year, but much fewer remain, and because many ended up in circulation or rubbing together in canvas bags, most are seen in the VF-XF range. It is estimated that no more than 200 or so uncirculated examples exist in all grades combined. Therefore, 1879 $10 Eagles should be considered quite scarce, particularly in mint state condition.

Not only are they rare, their gold content drives the price up even more. Each 1879 $10 Gold Eagle contains 0.48375 ounces of gold, but they are much more significant as numismatic treasures than simple bullion coins. The NGC price guide lists the 1879 $10 Gold Eagle in MS62 at about $1,150 per coin, but the hoard we've managed to get our hands on today enables us to impart their value to you for a lot less.

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