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What Do These Saints Have in Common?

What do these Saints have in common? The answer: they’re not common at all!

Last month, we showcased two hard-to-find $20 Saints in our July spotlight: the 1908 Wells Fargo No Motto and the 1923-D Denver. It’s no surprise that we had such a strong (and sudden!) response. Those two coins are a major challenge to find in the marketplace, let alone in any kind of quantity!

Clients asked us to continue to search for more rare-date Saints. We’re happy to say we’ve done exactly that! For those who missed out on last month’s Spotlight offering – or for clients wishing to expand their $20 Saint collections further – we have something truly special for August

Low Populations, Low Prices
The $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle series runs the gamut in terms of rarity. Some dates are quite easy to obtain, while others are legendary seven-figure rarities that might appear a few times a decade. A frequent perception is that dates fall into one category or the other; they’re either affordable or “showstopper” rarities.

There’s a good reason for this view, but it unfairly suppresses the value of certain dates. Within the series are some surprisingly scarce issues that don’t get the attention they deserve. All too often they get lumped into the common category – but the statistics say something entirely different.

We identified a dozen dates that are significantly rarer than the most common issue in MS64. We pored through the NGC population data, looked at every date that was at least 10 scarcer than the generic date, and then checked market values. 

What emerged from this study? A dozen dates were anywhere from 18-202 (!) times rarer than the “generic” 1924 issue, yet have been trading for just 35-40% over the common price. To further demonstrate their value: these high-grade rare dates can be had for less than double their melt value! These are truly rare coins that should be worth significantly more.

Today's Offer
The NGC population suggested that these coins were scarce – and our efforts to find them proved this theory! Whereas common issues like 1924 can be sourced without too much difficulty, we were hard-pressed to find just these low-population dates. Depending on the date we have just 3-5 on hand.
In total we have just 56 of these “sleeper” MS64 $20 Saints, but thankfully our selection spans across a wide assortment of dates. This allows us to offer you a guaranteed assortment of dates. All coins are graded by either NGC or PCGS, and include free shipping for all quantities. 
  • Buy one (1) coin at $3,029
  • Buy five (5) coins at $2,999 and receive five different dates
  • Buy ten (10) coins at $2,949 and receive ten different dates – only two full sets of 10 different dates available!
These low-population $20 Saints have a tremendous amount to offer. From a purely numismatic standpoint, they’re a great way to own unusual dates that are a true challenge to find. Our large client base of $20 Saint buyers will appreciate the opportunity to flesh out their collections.
From a value standpoint, the coins available today have significant upside potential. Despite being 18 to 202 times rarer than the most common date, they sell for a modest premium over generic pricing. We think you’ll agree that they’re underappreciated by the marketplace and stand to gain in collector value.
Since March of last year, an enormous number of new investors and collectors have entered the gold market. Many have “graduated” to pre-1933 U.S. gold coins with more and more entering the field each month. As this trend continues, we could see coins like this benefiting from the wave of new entrants.
Be sure to take advantage of this highly unusual offering. Saints have been continually heating up since last year and scarce dates like this are waking up too. Jump on this chance to own rare, truly undervalued $20 Saints at surprisingly affordable costs! Call us at 800-831-0007, or email
*Prices subject to change based on market fluctuation and product availability. Prices reflected are for cash, check, or bank wire. Free shipping, handling, and insurance are available for all quantities ordered. Grading service selection is random and depends on availability. Offer expires Friday, August 6, 2021, or while supplies last.

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