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Turn of the Century Gold You Can Hold!

For our March Spotlight offering, we made available a small quantity of 1907 four-piece Liberty gold sets. These MS64 “mini-collections” were grabbed instantly; we had more takers than sets to sell! It’s easy to see why they sold so quickly. These four-piece contains contained one of every U.S. gold denomination produced that year in near-Gem condition. On top of all this, the 1907 sets were priced for significantly less than their all-time price levels.

For those who missed out – or for clients who want to add another special to their holdings – this month’s Spotlight will be outstanding news. We’re excited to offer 1900 four-piece Liberty gold sets in the same lofty MS64 grade. Each set contains a $2.50 Quarter Eagle, $5 Half Eagle, $10 Eagle, and $20 Double Eagle dated 1900.

U.S. gold coins dated 1900 are popular for two reasons. Not only are they important turn-of-the-century dates, but they’re also scarcer dates that are significantly harder to find. During our “hunt” for 1900-dated gold coins, we discovered that some of these dates are actually significantly rarer but aren’t recognized as such by the market.

The 1900 $2.50 Liberty Quarter Eagle is a perfect example. According to NGC population figures, it’s a solid 5x rarer than the most common date – yet sells for approximately the same price! The 1900 $20 Double Eagle, meanwhile, is over three times rarer than the “generic” 1904 date. Similarly, it commands a modest premium despite the noticeable difference in availability.

There’s one more important reason why these are such outstanding value. All four of these 1900 U.S. gold coins are selling for substantially below (if not less than half of) their all-time peak values:

  • 1900 $2.50 MS64
    Peak NGC Price Guide: $1,940
    Current NGC Price Guide: $600
  • 1900 $5 MS64
    Peak NGC Price Guide: $2,280
    Current NGC Price Guide: $975
  • 1900 $10 MS64
    Peak NGC Price Guide: $3,170
    Current NGC Price Guide: $1,700
  • 1900 $20 MS64
    Peak NGC Price Guide: $4,280
    Current NGC Price Guide: $3,650

In sum, this set fetched over $11k at its apex but can be had for under $7,000 in today’s market

Putting pricing and rarity statistics aside, these high-grade gold coins are a pleasure to hold. In order for a Liberty gold piece to grade MS64, it must show a high level of technical and aesthetic quality. This means near-pristine surfaces, strong luster, an outstanding strike, and no major disturbances of any kind. We view MS64 as a superb “value grade” since you get the look of an MS65 coin without the hefty price tag.

For numerous reasons, these 1900 gold sets represent a savvy buy. Their comparative rarity and discounted price levels make them a bargain. Plus, from a collector’s standpoint, their alluring turn-of-the-century date and high level of preservation make them a true joy to own. Each four-coin mini-collection allows you to collect and invest at the same time. If you’re looking for potential upside – and something truly unique for your collection – these 1900 gold sets are a fantastic option.

Our only caveat: be sure to act quickly. The 1907 four-coin sets vanished instantly – and we expect these 1900 sets will do the same!

Today's Offer
We’re excited to showcase a limited quantity of 1900 Liberty Gold Sets in MS64.
We have just 6 four-coin sets available for $6,949 each. 

Take advantage of this extremely attractive offering and add something unique to your collection. Call us at 800-831-0007, or email
*Prices subject to change based on market fluctuation and product availability. Prices reflected are for cash, check, or bank wire. Free shipping, handling, and insurance are available for all quantities ordered. Offer expires Friday, June 11, 2021, or while supplies last.