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Storied, Iconic Mint State Liberties

There are many bargains to be found in today’s pre-1933 U.S. gold market, but one piece stands out as a tremendous value. The $20 Liberty Double Eagle in MS64 is one of America’s most storied and iconic coins, but now it’s one of the best buys, too.

The value of a gold bullion product consists of two components: melt value and premium. Simply put, the melt value is the weight in ounces multiplied by the spot price. It represents what the product is worth as a generic piece of metal. Meanwhile, the premium is how much additional value a product commands above its melt value.

Premiums are affected by numerous factors. For newly-minted bullion products, premiums are largely a function of production costs. Take a 1-ounce gold bar for example. If spot is $2,300 per ounce, that same gold bar likely sells for $2,350 per ounce (i.e., a $50 premium) to cover the costs of refining, minting, packaging, and distribution.

For a numismatic product, premiums are more a function of supply and demand. Vintage coins have two basic audiences: investors and collectors. When both groups are actively buying classic U.S. gold coins, demand tends to exceed supply and premiums are forced upward. On the flip side, in periods of quiet investor and collector demand, premiums drift downward.

Fluctuations like this are routine in the pre-1933 U.S. gold market—we’ve seen this cycle repeat countless times over the decades. Furthermore, these ebbs and flows have provided savvy investors with numerous opportunities. Owning legitimately rare U.S. coins with low premiums give you two ways to win. Not only will your coins benefit from a rise in spot prices, but they stand to gain in collector premium, too. By having two potential ways to profit, the odds are stacked in your favor. The key, however, is knowing when to enter the market and which coin to buy.

That’s why we’re highlighting today’s coin in particular...


History of the $20 Liberty Double Eagle
The $20 Double Eagle holds the unique distinction of being America’s highest-denomination circulating coin. Originally the $10 Eagle held this title, but following the California Gold Rush, the U.S. Mint needed an even larger coin. With massive amounts of the yellow metal flowing into the marketplace, the federal government began striking this hefty gold coin.

By the late 19th century, the Double Eagle became one of the world’s most trusted units of exchange. Not only was it used routinely here in the U.S., but many overseas banks chose the Double Eagle for their own reserves. Remarkably, they favored American-made coins over their own country’s currencies! The sentiment throughout the world was that U.S. Double Eagles were the safest way to hold gold.

It’s been over a century since Liberty Double Eagles were last struck, but the coins remain known and admired throughout the world. On the numismatic side, collectors love the $20 Liberty for its beautiful design and fascinating connection to the California Gold Rush. The series also contains a wide variety of date and mintmark combinations, making the series an interesting challenge to obtain.

On the investment side, Double Eagles are preferred for their high gold content, liquidity, and profit potential. Each coin contains 0.9675 fine troy ounces of gold. As a U.S. Mint product with both collector and investor demand, $20 Liberty Double Eagles are always easy to trade and sell. Plus, when premiums are low, they’re viewed as an excellent alternative to modern 1-ounce gold coins.

An American Favorite
While an excellent case can be made for all low-premium Double Eagles, MS64 Liberties offer strong potential for appreciation right now. The 1900 date is desirable as a turn-of-the-century date is significantly scarcer than the most common date.

The year 1900 marked the dawn of a new century, a time of technological advancements and economic growth in the United States. The country was emerging as a global industrial power. During this period, the United States was firmly on the gold standard, and gold coins like the Liberty Head Double Eagle played a crucial role in the nation's monetary system. The 1900 Liberty Head Double Eagle was primarily minted at the Philadelphia Mint, the main minting facility of the United States.

Out of a total mintage of approximately 1.8 million, under 9,000 are estimated to have survived in MS64 and up. This relatively high mintage means that while the coin is not extremely rare, it is still highly valued, especially in higher grades. While circulated, the MS64 grade indicates that the coin has retained most of its original mint luster and detail, showing only minor contact marks or imperfections.

1900libms64_400x600Today's Offer
If you’ve been waiting to take advantage of a market correction when buying gold, take a close look at these MS64 1900 $20 Liberties instead. Not only are they currently available at relatively low premiums, but we’re also offering this better date not much higher than the common-date price. Each coin we offer here has been independently inspected and certified by the uncompromising standards of NGC or PCGS to be in Mint State condition, ready to be added to your collection.

1900 $20 Liberty Double Eagle in MS64 for just $2,999 each!

Our only caveat is to act fast—we have exactly 10 coins and cannot guarantee that more will be available. it might be mere hours before these coins find new homes. To secure yours today, please call us at 800-831-0007 or email us.

*Prices subject to change based on market fluctuation and product availability. Prices reflected are for cash, check, or bank wire. Free shipping, handling, and insurance are available for all purchases. Offer expires Friday, June 8, 2018, or while supplies last.