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Longacre's Legacy Is Big, Bold Gold

Lately, with gold in the spotlight, $20 Double Eagles have received a tremendous amount of attention. Both new and veteran investors alike have turned to them as a sound and attractive way to own gold. These big, beautiful vintage coins offer a high metallic content, a reasonable premium, and tons of historic intrigue. They’re not just a savvy way to own bullion; these classic Liberty Head Double Eagles are an enjoyable store of value too!

Just as a surge of demand has developed for bullion, premiums have jumped for many U.S. Double Eagles too. Vintage coins, after all, are no longer minted and have a finite supply. This basic fact has resulted in major spikes in Double Eagle values.

The $20 Double Eagle traces its roots back to the California Gold Rush, an event that forever changed gold’s role in the national economy.

When the yellow metal was first discovered, private assayers and refiners converted it into bars, ingots and privately-issued coins. These firms served an important role in transforming the raw gold into a more acceptable form, but ultimately merchants and bankers preferred sovereign-issued currency. A need emerged for new government issued-coins - and a minting facility.

The federal government’s first actions were to issue two new gold coin denominations: the gold dollar and the $20 Double Eagle. The task of designing these new coins was assigned to Chief Engraver, James B. Longacre.

Longacre’s design was first tested on a single 1849 Double Eagle; this unique proof specimen resides in the Smithsonian Institute and is considered one of the world’s most valuable coins. This 1849 issue would be the first of many Longacre/Liberty Double Eagles struck. The design remained in place without any significant modification until it was discontinued in 1907, in favor of the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle.

The substantial heft and large size of $20 gold coins are just two of many appealing factors to coin collectors and bullion investors alike, notwithstanding the historical value of double eagles. Also, even though these coins were struck over a century ago, they are graded Mint State 63, therefore retaining much of the original luster.

It’s also worth noting that this set has a significant “spread” to MS64. Numismatic coins cannot be awarded the MS63 grade level without displaying such strong aesthetic and technical quality. Today’s MS63 gold pieces exhibit ample luster, clean surfaces and have excellent eye appeal. At arm’s length, these specimens have the look of Gem Uncirculated pieces—but do not carry the hefty price tag. This is the best way to own superbly-preserved U.S. gold without the higher cost of an MS64.

Today, we’re able to offer $20 Liberty Double Eagle in MS63 condition starting at just $2,399 each. Compared to other common date Liberties, the 1899 $20 Double Eagle has a relatively low mintage, making it a great opportunity at this pricing.

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