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The Current Pullback Deserves Your Attention

Like gold, silver slipped last week on news of a stronger-than-expected U.S. jobs report (which makes it likely that the Federal Reserve will continue to delay interest rate cuts). July silver futures dropped 3.3% last week and the front-month contract lost 6.1% on Friday. But like gold, silver is now regaining ground.
This pullback should be seen as an opportunity. Silver is still highly undervalued at current prices, and arguably, investors are missing out on potential gains.
Silver gained 14% in May after rising 7% in April and gaining 8.9% in March, so with a clear positive trend established, there's no better time to buy on the dip.

Generally, silver tends to be more volatile than gold, thus resulting in comparatively larger moves up and down when market forces are active. On the whole, silver usually follows the movements of gold; however, it will occasionally gain strength on gold due to its numerous industrial uses. More importantly, silver trade is a much thinner market than gold. So, the same dollar has a bigger impact in the silver market than it does in the gold market.

Silver follows its leader—gold, but silver will invariably out-pace gold as they both move the same direction—either up or down. Considering the volatile nature of silver, with wider swings to the downside followed by wider swings to the upside, profit-motivated precious metals buyers should consider purchasing silver now. 

Silver should be well on its way to $50 an ounce, or beyond, by the end of 2024. While silver spent the last few years consolidating, the last time it hit a major surge, we saw gains of 48% (in 2020). Opportunities like the current pullback deserve your attention as an investor.

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