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What Part of This Gold is Yours?

Long-time clients and readers know we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with The Perth Mint for roughly 30 years now. We have sold their high-quality bullion gold, silver, and platinum bars and coins for decades.

But we are most widely known for the work we did in helping them develop the cutting-edge Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP) a quarter of a century ago.
That program, along with the more recent Perth Mint Depository Distributor Online (PMDDO) program, have made owning gold, silver, and platinum extremely safe and affordable for many investors.
No doubt, investors love the benefits…

  • Government guaranteed
  • Ultra-low premiums to buy and sell
  • 100% backed precious metals under Perth Mint’s control
  • 100% insurance at full market value at all times
  • NO derivatives exposure
  • NO leasing to third parties
  • AND, for unallocated holdings… NO ongoing storage fees!

The products are amazing, but…


Too Good to Be True?
Many times over the years, we have seen critics (or more often competitors) of Perth Mint and their products surface.
Every 5-10 years, somebody starts ranting about how Perth Mint could not offer FREE ongoing storage unless they did not have the precious metals in storage.
However, if any of the critics actually took the time to do some due diligence or to contact ASI or the Perth Mint directly, they would understand why Perth Mint can offer this fantastic benefit.

How Mints Operate 
All mints have a similar problem.
They want to have fabricated bars and coins minted and ready for would-be buyers. This way, when a distributor buys 10,000 1-ounce gold Kangaroos, for instance, the coins can be shipped immediately as opposed to starting to make 10,000 coins.
To do so, they need gold ahead of time.
The answer for most mints is to lease – or rent – the gold from bullion banks. It is not their gold. It must be returned at some point. But, in the meantime, they pay a leasing cost to make the gold into bars and coins and have them sit in their storage facility waiting for a buyer.
Once purchased, the mint buys more gold off market to replenish what was sold, and they start making the coins again for future buyers.
Oh, by the way, those leasing costs can be quite high.

Too Good to Be True… But True!
When we helped The Perth Mint develop the PMCP back in1997, our solution was to change the lessor.
Instead of leasing precious metals from the bullion banks at high costs, we suggested they use unallocated precious metals stored at The Perth Mint by clients.
If the client was happy with 100% backed, unique precious metals, but did not care what form it was in from day to day, reward the client by not charging a storage fee.
The industry standard for storage fees is typically somewhere between one half percent to three quarters percent per annum. That is cheaper than what the bullion banks typically charge to lease precious metals.
So, although it does cost The Perth Mint to store your precious gold, silver, and platinum, offering free storage on unallocated precious metals was (and is) a bonafide savings to The Perth Mint versus leasing from bullion banks.
This is a WIN / WIN / WIN situation for Perth Mint, their clients, and ASI.
The client gets the safest, most cost-effective option available to store precious metals with a government guarantee. The Perth Mint saves tons of money in leasing costs. ASI gets to offer arguably the best precious metals storage programs available in the world to better take care of our clients.


So, if you own any unallocated gold at The Perth Mint, there is a good chance that you own a part of the gold pictured above.
And, make no mistake, owning unallocated gold, silver, and platinum at The Perth Mint is one of the best ways to get more of your money working for you versus wasted on high premiums.
That is how you Keep What’s Yours for both personal and IRA funds!
Call us at 800-831-0007 or send us an email to set-up a consultation… now… today!